Monday, December 21, 2009

Crab Creek Review Summer 09

Reading CCR this weekend – I just wanted to draw attention to a few poems that stood out to me.
  • Gail White’s -  How I Spent My Time Since You Died
  • Marjorie Manwaring  - Refusal
  • Kimberly L. Becker -  Washing the Blankets
  • Jill Crammond Wickham – Even with Clorox, June Cleaver Has a Tough Time Cleaning The Skeletons From Her Closet
  • January Gill O’Neil – Tether
  • Paul David Adkins The Mouse in Iraq
  • Maya GanesanUndefined
  • Joannie Kervran Stangeland A Crow Means Everything
  • Buzz Mauro – Einsteinian Physics in Plain English
This is the first copy of CCR I’ve seen. I haven’t finished reading it, I usually like to read poems multiple times.  I was impressed with what I’ve seen,  My favorites so far are bolded in blue above.
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