Saturday, December 12, 2009

Poems By Heart



This evening I stumbled onto a relatively new poetry site that is predicated on a novel idea. Ok, I guess it’s really a poetic idea.   Poet Frank Giampietro has created a web site with recordings of poems that are recited by heart. While Giampietro would like to have more celebrity poets recorded on the site, he encourages any writers to submit mp3 file of  a favorite poem and a little bit about what it is about the poem that is special to them.

Memorizing poems has become almost a lost art and Giampietro’s site is a wonderful way to promote memorization and at the same time expose this poems to a wider audience.  Check out the site for yourself.  I recall Claudia Emerson and Robert Pinsky  as being among those already on the site.  Enough babble about it – go check out POEMS BY HEART for yourself!

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