Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Saving our forests is in / Tiger Woods is out

You know how you see something out of the corner of your eye and you think it says something but on closer look, it says something else.  I saw this link Couple Following GPS Get Stranded for 3 Days but on first glance I would have sworn it read, Couple Following GOP Get Stranded for 3 Days. I mean I can see how they could have gotten lost.
This has been a crazy year for politics at home and around the world. The Republicans eating their own, so to speak; Democrats finding even with a majority it is difficult to rule. In Iran, the people decry a what they believe a stolen election and the ruling government finds an enemy not from the west, but right there at home.

As is often the case with a year passing we see things some things that follow it out the door and new things or at least different things become vogue.  My in and out list:
  • Phone applications are in / Land lines are out
  • Hybrid Vehicles are in / The Hummer is a bummer (out)
  • Collaboration is in / Competition is out
  • Staycation is in / Vacation is out
  • More tasks on the job is in / Bonuses to executives is out
  • Saving our forests is in / Tiger Woods is out
  • Staying put is in / Moving is out
  • Main Street is in / Wall Street is out
  • Saving is in / Investing is out
  • Paying online is in / mailing the bills is out
  • Sarah Palin is in / Governor Palin is out
  • Keith Olbermann is in / Sean Hannity is out
  • Reading is in / Jay Leno is out
  • Project Runway is in / Dancing with the Stars is out
  • Starbucks Coffee is back in / McDonalds Coffee is out
  • News online is in / Newspapers are out
  • Screaming at your Congressman is in / Writing your Congressman is out
  • Afghanistan is in / Iraq is out
  • Twitter is in  / IM is out
  • Texting is in  / Calling is out
  • Value is in / Price is out
I suppose I could go on but I have to stop somewhere so for now, this is my list.  I’m not saying all these changes are for the good, but some are. At any rate, another year from now many of the newly In items will be on the way out anyway.
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