Sunday, January 24, 2010

Checking in with the world

The weekend has felt like such a waste. I basically spent Saturday and a good part of today on bed.  I have not felt good for three or four days now but have been in denial of being sick.  I'm feeling better this evening. Not sneezing any longer. My sinuses better and my head doesn't feel like it has the weight of cinder blocks in it. I still feel achy and a cross between tired and being tired of being tired.

Of course this sort of conditions leads to the mind going off in left field and conjuring up the strangest things. For example, I was thinking about what if we could construct a transcript of our thoughts without interruption for a whole day. What would it look like?  How would we segway from say uncomfortable thoughts into something else?
On a positive note, I woke up this morning in time to listen to New Letters on the Air.  Angelia Elam was interviewing Aimee Nezhukumatathil during her trip into Kansas City last spring to read as part of an ethnic poetry series by Park University and the Kansas City Public Library. This must be Aimee week or something because she was also featured on How A Poem Happens. Love in the interview her thoughts on the Villanelle.
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