Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Confession Tuesday

Well another Tuesday has arrived so it’s time to do the Confession thing again.

Let me get comfortable here before I begin… or is it better to be uncomfortable while confessing. I’ll leave that to the theologians.

It really hasn’t been a that interesting of a week. I’ve been working on a manuscript that is part of one of my goals for the year. I confess that it I’m trying to be calm and focused about it, but it’s not always easy.  I know I still have a lot to do but I’ve taken inventory of my work and it is coming along. I confess that I get conflicted about how I feel  concerning the progress vs. what still needs to be done.

This week I’ve been working on a poem that is maybe up to about draft 15 or 16 and I confess that I believe in the poem but I think it may be needing to tell me what it wants to say and I’m just not listening. I confess that I can be stubborn that way.

I got a haircut during this past week and I admit I look pretty good for a change. I’ve stopped wearing the dog tags.

Last night I was sitting at the chiropractors awaiting my appointment and I confess I was looking in a reflection of myself in a glass. It wasn’t like a vanity sort of thing, but I was looking at my natural facial expression. I’m not a person who especially smiles a lot. When I was younger I didn’t like my smile and I pretty much kept a serious face. Maybe I’ve done this so long my face has frozen (like I was constantly warned) because I don’t feel I have a natural smile. I can smile, I’m not really hard to get to laugh, but I confess that I am not comfortable smiling and at the same time I am becoming uncomfortable at not smiling naturally. I confess this seems really screwed up to me.

I confess I’ve found another poet’s book I want. Surprise, surprise! 

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