Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confession Tuesday

It seems like only yesterday I was here on my knees confessing, but alas it has been another whole week so let’s get started.

I confess dear reader that this confession may not be so revealing. I’m actually coming to confession this morning without any deeply reflective items to unearth and this is going to be a little more spontaneous then usual.

I confess that I didn’t get around to celebrating Valentines Day till last night. Yes, that is right. Least you think that I am a totally callous unromantic sort of person; this delay was by mutual consent. Cathy was out of town until late in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day and then having been on the road, we agreed to celebrate it at a later date. We got tickets for the first game of the Missouri Maverick’s Playoffs. They are our new hockey team. We had tried to get tickets earlier but they were sold out. When they made the playoffs, I was able to nab some tickets on the day they went on sell. If this sounds totally like a guy thing, the hockey game was actually Cath’s suggestion. We went out to dinner beforehand. Years ago, we had enjoyed going to hockey games when we had a team locally. This area has been without a team for a while.

I’m tired of snow. We’ve had one of the heaviest total snowfalls this winter – I heard 4th largest on record. This last one came and went fast, which I confess was kind of nice. We had one day of some awesome sights of snow covered tree branches but that was sufficient. I’m ready for baseball.

Dancing with the Stars has started again. I've watched this in the past but it has become less and less appealing to me. I confess that I am so tired of there ALWAYS being an NFL player on it. Why does this bother me? I confess I don’t know.

I confess that the older I get the more fragile the earth seems to me. I suppose it stands to reason given we are aging together. I suspect I’m more deeply into my life timeline, though sometimes the earth doesn’t seem quite as invincible as it did when I was an eight or ten year-old.

The climate changes, earthquakes, tsunamis all seem to encourage this feeling of frailty. That and of course the shrinking universe as we explore deeper into the far reaches of our galaxy. I know these things don’t necessarily point to doomsday but they do shape our view of earth. I confess this seem to make for good poetry.

The things we value most in life (besides monetary riches) the things that honestly are of the utmost value are those things we risk losing. Why does it a rose take our breath away? Its beauty is found in the fact that it doesn’t last forever. The same reason our love of another can be almost unfathomable. Some day, your lifeline or theirs will reach it’s conclusion on earth. Such is the world we are born into and we have no say in the matter otherwise. I confess like relationships all the power and savageness of nature makes a good basis for poetry. As we near National Poetry Month, I’ll try to keep this in focus as I write.
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