Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Stuff

It’s Friday and if you want something to do tonight without leaving your home, Suzanne Frischkorn is having a Book Party for her new release, Girl on a Bridge. It’s virtual so the vine and cheese won’t be a problem if you are dieting. To attend, click here and be teleported to the site.     ~0~

ABBA fans (of which I’m one) could take some joy in their induction into the Rock’s Hall of Fame recently but as to rumors the group might reunite for a one show performance, well it seems highly unlikely. Off the cuff remarks by former band member Benny Andersson have been dismissed by the bands manager. The band when their separate ways in 1982 and in 2000 turned down a $1 billion offer to do a 100 concert world tour.

I would have been shocked to see this happen. I think half of the group would welcome the idea but the other two I don’t see coming around to the idea.  ~0~   

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