Sunday, March 14, 2010

Journal Bits March 8 - 14

  • March 8 - After assessing the potential of what I have so far towards my working manuscript, I'm about five off my time lines. Counld be worse.
  • I guess I'm going to do the 30 days- 30 poems challenge for April again. I'm an idiot. I like to think of them as 30 drafts. Last year I had about five keepers out of the work.
  • March 9 - After reading Susan Rich's poem What to Make of Such Beauty from her upcoming book The Alchemist's Kitchen my book want list just grew.
  • When you are young / before death has any real grip on you / leaving an empty no-deposit-no-return
  • March 11 - there is a phantom disorder / hiding within the order of us all...  there is a dark side to out toast / it is not what is buttered with sunshine
  • The shelf has bowed under the its weight / heavy in insignifance
  • March 12 - Is it time again for daylight savings? / A bouquet of bunk. Show me / the savings. Like all capatalism it's just shifting ledger columns / hocus pocus
  • March 13 - After the minute and hour hands collide at midnight / after the house listens to itself for groans and settlements in the walls
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