Sunday, March 28, 2010

Journal Bits March 22 – March 28


March 22 -  read Barefoot by Anne Sexton…  this poem is on the erotic side, pretty interesting given the period in which it was written.

March 24 - “the front never advances / no land changes hands / no prisoners are captured / death keeps percolating / hot black death.”

March 25 – “Corduroy slacks don’t hold / creases well, in fact they turn / cheap quickly— warn down / like a smooth bald head.”

March 28 - “A Sunday afternoon cocoon / the time held tightly / a pattern of jealous squeaks in the hallway floor / my hunger to be refreshed / warm within the pit / I hear the ticking of the clock not / in the present latitude / not in the passage from light into dark / or even back again.”

“Molten sweet sonnet / sings my eyes into shadows / of the present.”

Quote by Elizabeth Jennings….”For me, poetry is always a search for order.” I so agree!

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