Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Missouri's New Poet Laureate

Missouri has it's second poet laureate and it's 55 year old David Clewell of Webster Groves, Missouri. The announcement came this morning when he was presented by the state’s First Lady Georganne Nixon. I’m not personally familure with Mr. Clewell, he was not someone on my radar as a possibility.

Clewell is director of the creative writing program at Webster University. His online bio at the University website indicates that he has published seven poetry books, his most recent, The Low End of Higher Things. His noted awards include Pollak Poetry Prize (for Now We're Getting Somewhere as well as the Lavan Poetry Prize from the Academy of American Poets. His Blessings in Disguise was a winner in the National Poetry Series.  He will replace the state's first poet laureate Walter Bargen.

Just to get a bit of a taste of Clewell's work, I found these links:

The Difference A Day Makes Part 1

Vegeterian Physics
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