Saturday, December 18, 2010

Odds and Ends

A few odds and ends I though of interest~

  • "If I hadn't known lots of beautiful poetry, I couldn't have made it."  That's how 99 year old Evelyn  Vernon describes her survival after being trapped for 22 hours after she slipped and fell in her bathtub. (survivors club)
  • Should poets be lead the charge of social/political change in their work, or reflect thoughtfully on the sidelines? (The Guardian books-blog)
  • The Huffington Post gathered its list of the seventeen "most important poetry books of fall 2010.
  • The media claim the president has "lost control of his narrative." So (The Daily Beast) we asked Margaret Atwood, Sam Lipsyte and other fiction masters to offer tips for the president to fix his storyline.
  • Is your e-reader checking up on you? Creepy! (NPR)
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