Friday, March 02, 2012

Foreign Friday

It's a sad thing when you are writing a post for your blog and you feel like a visitor to it. I've been away from here a week and I also feel like I've been away from the life in general for a week.  I've been sick and off work all week but should return on Monday after a followup doctor's appointment.

Things that somehow feel foreign to me....

  • Eating.  I should lose a ton of weight but I know I probably won't.  I've had days where all I ate was a bowl of Cheerios. One day it was a bottle of Glucerna. Another it was simply two eggs. Last night I had a small stake portion and some corn [the corn was the best part] and my wife must have thought I was pathetic.  Part of it has been at time no appetite, but even when not my blood sugar numbers have been elevated substantially during this illness and that has caused me to be cautious about intake.
  • Writing. I've done none other then attempting to make a journal entry which if I recall I left hanging in mid sentence.
  • Poetry.  I'm separating Poetry from Writing here only to demonstrate the magnitude of impact. The couple of times I would think about writing poetry it seemed I became nauseous feeling. I'm not saying I've suddenly fallen out of love with poetry just that my whole cycle-of-life thing has been tremendously impacted.
  • TV. I seem to be able to tolerate it only in smaller doses.
  • Shaving. This is not unusual for me when I'm sick as I generally will not shave when I'm under the weather.
  • Driving. It's been a few days now.
As I wrap this post up, I look outside and snow if falling crazyassed hard. Our grass was already greening and now this.
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