Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Confession Tuesday Broken Back Edition

Dear Reader:

It's been on week since my last confession.  One back breaking week.

I confess our garage needed cleaning out.  We have a two car garage but I don't believe we've ever parked two cars in it at the same time. We have packed one in on occasion but this has been rare. We don't have a formal basement as such. There is a lower level finished family room where some people might have a basement but for us the garage area has been used mostly for storage from day one. I would add that it has not been organized storage in any sense of the word.

This past week we have been cleaning  it out. It's been a back braking task and I confess that yesterday evening we had a chiropractic visit that we moved up from it's scheduled Wednesday night time slot because we were both so sore.

Things I've parted with - Not of course an inclusive list but some items include:

  • various books
  • two pipes-  I smoked a pipe years ago. In fact I smoked a pipe  late in my high school days. (I confess nothing more then traditional pipe tobacco)
  • old material from previous political campaigns I was involved in
  • some wall plaques
  • VHS tapes & movies
  • Misc. papers saved over the years
  • fantasy baseball magazines
  • old watch
  • old yard signs
  • broken fan
  • old carpeting
I confess that we are not yet finished.

I confess that with lent over I have now had and enjoyed a diet coke.

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