Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Mag 131: Detroit's Past Through The Fog

Under Windsor Bridge by Adolphe Valette

Entombed in the gritty fog
rolling under Windsor Bridge
the past hangs heavy;
smells of damp basement.

Thinking back in time I remember
how many young men crossed this bridge 
north bound to Canada 
placing themselves in a sort of purgatory
not knowing if or when they might make a return trip.

Those were dark times in America
even darker for Detroit;
smoldering nightly somewhere in the summer heat.

A big time city eating it's own young.
Cannibalizing it's inner soul. 

The decay remains evident today
in areas blackened
that have not and never will come back. 
That's what they say.

Funny thing this city, 
where peace-nicks 
flowed to Canada;
while in the heart of old Detroit
riots raged to burned out store fronts;
skeletons of Detroit made cars smoldered.

Motor city became the capital 
of civil-disobedience & of civil-unrest.

Michael A. Wells 

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