Sunday, September 30, 2012

Journal Bits Week of Sept 24, 2012

Bits of journal entries from the past week.

  • Tree branches sway to the choreography of the breeze. 
  • My weakness if we must go there/is black walnut ice cream./Black walnut, I love you more than bacon!
  • Heavy lines drooped from pole to pole/eventually tied off at buildings/like circus elephants on moorings.
  • If I write myself into a poem I don't like will I be able to get out?
  • Planted roasted marshmallows in our mouths, then kissed the sticky off each others lips.
  • Holding time inappropriately in ones hand.
  • I'm tired and feel horribly grungy today...
  • Picturing poets playing poker with metaphorical faces. 

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