Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Confession Tuesday - Poet Crush List Edition

Dear Reader:

It's been  one Giants Baseball regular season game, 6 & a half innings of another, one NaPoWriMo poem and  one one week since my last confession. 

April is that cruel month when some of us inflict the agony of 30 poems in 30 days on ourselves. I confess that I've stepped knee deep into this madness again this year. Some years I avoid the pressure and other times I just plunge right in. This is a plunge year.

This month being National Poetry month I though it would be a good time to update my Poet Crush List. I started doing this some time back and I believe the last time I did it was like May of last year. So almost a year and being April I thought it would be a good time to revisit the Crush List and revise it. As writers, we are supposed to be all about revision  aren't we? 

So my Poet Crush list is comprised of ten  living poets. If I would do this three or four times a year it would likely  fluctuate back and forth like undulating waves coming ashore sometimes what's left behind is familiar and sometimes it's new. With that in mind I will give you the new list and my last list. 

NEW LIST  - April 2013 
I Confess these poets rock my world!!!

  1. Mary Biddinger
  2. Dean Young
  3. John Ashbery
  4. Denise Duhamel (new to List)
  5. Kelli Russell Agodon
  6. Stephen Dunn (new to list)
  7. Sharon Olds
  8. Natasha D. Tretheway (new to List)
  9. Diane Ackerman (new to List)
  10. W. S. Merwin

I Confess these poets rocked my world last May
  1. W. S. Merwin
  2. James Richardson
  3. Sharon Olds
  4. Kelli Russell Agodon
  5. Dean Young
  6. John Ashbery
  7. Mary Biddinger
  8. Ada Limon
  9. Charles Simic
  10. Beth Ann Fennelly

Later this week, what makes these poets special...


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