Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Confession Tuesday - Ginsu Knife Edition

Dear Reader:

Close your eyes with me and pretend it's Tuesday. Are you with me?  Good!

It's been one father's day,  one chiropractic visit, a new poem in publication  and a June week since my last confession.

I confess that it feels like we've transitioned into summer and that's all right with me. I'm not one who does heat well, but so far it has not been that bad. I realize the hottest part of the year is still ahead, but I have spent some time reading and occasionally writing on our deck as the dogs play. I confess that it may be early to be singing the praise of summer but I am going to try and embrace the spirit of summer. At least for now.

I confess that having three poems accepted in less then 48 hours last month has spoiled me. I am well aware that this was a most unlikely occurrence. I've had thee in one month before but never in two days. Having started Submission Saturday some months back, I confess that I am more optimistic about my work being  published. I hate to think of it like this but being published is a little like selling  Ginsu knifes or encyclopedias door to door; metaphorically speaking that is. You have to hear "no" a lot if you are ever going to get one "yes".

I confess another thing about June that is exciting is the fact that many of the shows we like to watch on TV are coming back into their new seasons. Yeah.

I had a dream last night that my wife and I attended our class reunion. This was pretty interesting since I confess I've never attended my class reunion. I've wanted to but Cathy has had no interest in attending with me. Don't get me wrong, she has never discouraged me from going, she just has never had any desire to go along. I've never wanted to go alone.  So last night in my dream we went together. This morning I could only recall one person out of all the attendees that we know.  I confess going wasn't worth it.

That will about do it for this week. Until next week, keep pushing your Ginsu knifes.

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