Friday, March 14, 2014

Saturday Comes Early for Me

The Weekend started early for me today.  I took vacation time starting at noon. Stopped and got chicken on the way home and had lunch with my wife.

It's marvelous outside and countless birds are in agreement. I've heard them from my studio chirping and when I walked out to see if the mail had come I sent maybe six birds flying  from a bush out front.

This week I've launched a new blog site. The Journal of Creative Exploration. This site is intended to follow my creative path as a poet using the Poet Tarot Cards from Two Sylvias Press. Right you you can get your own set of Poet Tarot Cards by backing  Two Sylvias Press on Kickstarter.

Looking forward to a busy weekend. As always, tomorrow is Submission Saturday for me.  Expect to do reading and writing this weekend. I'm fired up and ready to burn!

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