Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Confession Tuesday - Shivering Edition

Dear Reader:

It's been one Arctic Vortex (too many), one night of frozen pipes, one fractured tooth & filling, 4 submissions, and  one overdue library book since my last confession.

I can't  bitch too much about the Arctic blast that came through Kansas City these last couple days because so many others in the Mid-west have suffered the some of the same sub-zero to single digit temperatures we have and those in the Northeast are have it really bad. I confess I was taken by surprise when I realized our pipes were frozen early Monday. Fortunately I was able to identify the problem where the main lines comes into our garage and able to thaw it out pretty quickly without any damage to pipes. I really feel fortunate because I'm sure there are people who were not nearly as fortunate.

The cold was not all that  unnerved me this weekend. I discovered a very sharp edge one a tooth and upon further examination I discovered it was broken. It dawned on me that it was probably the same tooth that some years back was really sharp and I had a filling that they had to use a band on when filling it. I confess at the time I was fearful that it was beyond filling. Upon exploration of the damage at the dental office this morning it was determined that it was the previously filled tooth and that both the tooth and the filling were now fractured. The tooth is now a candidate for a root canal. Never had one and I confess just the two words together sound like a bad thing. Anyway, I'm waiting on a call to schedule the next appointment.

The transformation from 2013 to 2014 hasn't seemed all that great. I mean it's not been catastrophic or anything like that but it hasn't been a panacea of emerging hope either. I need to remind myself that 7 days is no way to judge the future any time, much less a new year.

As it is, I'm ready to embrace that  there is some good coming  right around the corner. I know I have two poems that are coming out  mid-month and there is that to look forward too. Meantime, I will plug along ready to embrace good.

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