Thursday, April 01, 2004

National Poetry Month.... Things to do

Poetry Month (April) began in 1996. It is a way for us to being Poetry into focus.

The Academy of American Poets has an online almanac with 365 ideas and things to do related to poetry. Check out the Bob Minzesheimer piece from USA TODAY.

Poetry Almanac

Sick Poet urges you to embrace this month as a way to enrich your own life and that of others by sharing poetry with your friends.

1. recommend a good poetry book to a friend
2. share a favorite poem
3. send a poem you wrote to someone on a post card (even the postman will likely read it)
4. try writing in a different style than usual
5. write a poem in the persona of someone else - different gender, age, race, economic status
6. attend a local poetry reading - take a friend
7. if you can't find a local reading, invite some friends over and have a reading of your own.

these are just a few suggestions - i'm sure you may be able to come up with others
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