Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Reading & Submissions Make for Busy Three days

Since Saturday, I've been a bit busy with poetry. Saturday I got two poems for the Missouri State Poetry Society Anthology. Sunday, there was the Northland Writers group meeting at Maple Woods College, I also successfully got off three poems for the Telling Tree Anthology. And then yesterday ( Monday ) there was a reading at the Writers Place.

I read four poems last night. Cerebral Cobwebs, To Emily and Her Friends, Outsiders and Train Ride. There was a good contingency from the Northland Writers - who have adoptied me since I don't live in the Northland but clear over on the edge of hell. Why they tolerate me I'm not sure. I think they don't get out much ** smile**

There were some very strong readings last night and some of us will do it again on Wednesday night at the Barnes & Nobel in Northland. The busy times have been great though. Hey, it keeps me out of trouble.

I even got home last night early enough to catch the last couple innings of w west cost game between my SF Giants and the Braves. The Giants have been hurting this season **sigh** but they pulled off a 3-2 win last night! Yeah!
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