Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Moon, McCain, War & Poetry

Hang lose with me, the fascination with Amy Lowell quotes will end soon enough and I'll move on to yet another poet. However, the quote I've picked for today is yet another exquisite joining of words... "Moon! Moon! I am prone before you. Pity me, and drench me in loneliness."

At the New School graduation in Madison Square Garden, Senator John McCain, keynote speaker was jeered, booed, and heckled by students who objected to his defense of the war in Iraq.

A student speaker, Jean Sara Rohe, 21, discarded her original remarks to talk about Mr. McCain. Stating that the Senator did not reflect the ideals upon which the university was founded. "I am young, and although I don't profess to possess the wisdom that time affords us, I do know that pre-emptive war is dangerous and wrong," she said.

At one point in his speech, the Senator defended the war saying, "I believe the benefits of success will justify the costs and risks." The protests grew louder and more frequent, some graduates walked out. Others laughed. When Mr. McCain returned to policy after briefly quoting Yeats, someone shouted, "More poetry!"


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