Thursday, June 22, 2006

Anniversary / Reading List / World Cup / Journaling

I know my wife will on occasion read my blog, so let me start my post for the day wishing Cathy a Happy Anniversary! Thirty-two years today. Can you believe that? Thirty-two years with an anal retentive poet. ::grin:: Ok, I have not been a poet all that time.

Well, I've put together my reading list for the summer. It consists of the following:
  1. Wooroloo by Frieda Hughes
  2. Swarm by Jorie Graham
  3. Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
  4. Her Husband: Hugh and Plath - a Marriage by Diane Middlebrook

I must digress for a moment to the subject of World Cup Soccer. I mentioned the other day that I am by no means a soccer fan and I'll make no apology for that. I find it perhaps the most boring sport or athletic event on the face of the earth. Now let me underscore just one more perplexing aspect of the World Cup frenzy. The USA is looking to advance into round two. They have played two games. Lost one and tied another. One loss and a tie, and get this... they have yet to score a goal. Yes, even their tie game came because the opposition kicked the ball by accident into their own goal. Hence, the U.S. ties not because it scored, but because it didn't manage to kick one in it's own goal.

Finished another journal last night.... Started it on April 1st so I filled it in less than three months. Ready for the next volume today.


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