Saturday, June 03, 2006

I feel a Boggle game coming on

Busy day… Fixed Kitchen sink sprayer, went to grocery store, Target, and some other store I won’t bother to give the publicity. Cooked lunch for wife and self. Worked on a poetry manuscript, selections of poems and arranging proper order, in addition to a new first draft of a poem that I mentally wore myself out on.

Blogger was acting strange earlier so I am doing this off line to upload. Hopefully it will work.

My daughter just walked through and asked if any of us were up to getting beat at Boggle. She knows we are glutton for punishment so easily. However, It has suddenly occurred to me that she was beaten by her mother last match we played, so technically she is challenging for her title back.

Saw this news item: Gays, flag-burning and indecency! Good Grief! The GOP CULTURE WAR is alive again. [here]
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