Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rogue Poetry Review

As I mentioned recently in a post, I would have an announcement soon concerning a new online poetry venue. Well, soon is here. In October I will publish the first electronic edition Rogue Poetry Review. You may feel free to publicize this Call for Submissions by linking or reprinting it if you so choose. I am excited and look forward to reading some outstanding material.
Call for Submissions
Between now and September 10, I will be accepting submissions for reading in advance of the October premiere edition of Rogue Poetry Review online.
I am looking for is poetry that embraces the notion of art painted with words. What I am not looking for is flowery rhyme. The poems should be unique in nature as opposed to laden with cliques or well worn themes that have been done a thousand times. If it has been done, it needs to be all the more unique.
Please submit unpublished
material only. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please advise if you are doing so. I will also accept critical reviews of material already in print. Reviews are of lesser priority. That is to say that I will consider them, even desire them, but they will comprise a lesser percentage of the issue. I recommend you query first on reviews.

Submit material as an attachment to a word file and e-mail to: roguepr@gmail.com
The online site is at roguepr.wordpress.com
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