Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yes, it is Thursday and I Am feeling Put Out

Top 10 new words we learnt from spam poetry this week... [here]. Maybe it is just the oppressive heat but I am kind of partial to mushraking.

I remain put out by all the pictures of Condoleezza Rice snapped in cheesy poses with the Miss America hand wave and captions that suggest "No Results in the foreseeable Future." It seems totally naive for anyone to suggest that a group of leaders meeting without any of the key players has any remote chance of resolving the conflict through diplomatic means. Meanwhile, civilians become the victims of continued hostilities. The Bush administration's foreign policies have contribute to this and other serious international problems that are building against a backdrop of their ineptness. Thinking about this makes me want to puke.

A LOOK AT WARTIME BEIRUT Bombs, Rubble and Poets [here] This all seems a bit surreal but then I have to ask myself just how war is supposed to seem where it coexists with a civilian population in a city?

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