Sunday, August 06, 2006

In For A Hot One

Meghan came home last night from a month long trip to visit her older sister in Arizona. All seems right in the world this morning... except did she have to bring the heat with her? We have an afternoon picnic and the heat is already steamy.

I've thrown together some verse this weekend and I am happy with it as draft from. It has room for improvement but the important thing is there is something that can be done with it. I suppose I am most comfortable with it because it has that edgy tome that I am usually most comfortable with.

In thinking about poets that influence us I was wondering if we are drawn to particular poets because our own voice seems closer them them or do we find that our voice becomes more a basis of emulation? Emulation or appreciation, which is it? Seems like it is some of each for me.

I'm having a diet-coke this moment, my performance enhancement choice for the morning while listening to smooth jazz. King of Hearts by the Rippingtons

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