Thursday, August 03, 2006

Joe is Bombing in New Haven

Next Tuesday, voters in many states will go off to the polls to votes in state primaries. Perhaps none will be watched as closely as the state of Connecticut where long time Senator Joe Lieberman and Al Gore's 2000 running mate hangs onto his political life against challenger Ned Lamont. There are many good things I could say about Joe Lieberman. Unfortunately, I cannot say I would vote for him if I lived in Connecticut.

Right now, Lieberman's campaign is looking pretty pathetic as evidenced by a would be rally in New Haven recently. In fact, you might say Joe bombed in New Haven. His campaign has all the enthusiasm of a George Bush clone. In fact, Joe has been just than on the war in Iraq. While Joe is not the only Democrat that has gotten, shall we say too close to this war on his votes and vocal support for the President, he is so close that his is not only likely to get burnt but scorched by the heat.

Lieberman has had the misfortune of having a Democratic challenger who has taken him to task on his support for the war. And I say it is about time. Ned Lamont's campaign raises a legitimate challenge to the idea that, well this may have been a mistake but we must see it through. A mistake that parallels that of Lyndon Johnson in Vietnam.
Recently, LBJ tapes have shown that at one point, in a private conversation with Gene McCarthy, Johnson acknowledged that the war had been a miscalculation and that if he could figure out a way to exit that day and save face, he would. The significance of this conversation is that it was after this point that 75% of all the American Deaths in Vietnam occurred. It would take determined American public to ultimately force President Nixon to end the War. Long after we had come to recognize the mistake.

A Ned Lamont victory (leading in polls) in Connecticut is a message to Republican and Democratic supporters of this failed foreign policy that the American People are not buying it any longer.

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