Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tuesday Flashes~

  • Cheney was central voice in torture debate -He helped lay path for Gitmo interrogations / The Washington Post
  • Editorial -Soft on Crime - New York Times or, it all depends on who the criminal is. Guess what Paris Hilton and Scooter Libby don't have in common.
  • I see Paul Wolfowitz has a new job. Hey maybe he can get his girlfriend yet another plum job....
  • Mary Ellen Solt, Poet of Words and Shapes, Dead at 86 /New York Times
  • World-wide reading against the regime of Robert Mugabe
  • "War and Peace Art Exhibit" - More than 100 artists and writers have contributed their work toward a "War and Peace Art Exhibit" this month at a gallery in Makawao, Hawaii. The exhibit includes a signed poem titled "Ogres" by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet W.S. Merwin and several prints about the war in Iraq by nationally known artist Sandow Birk. The exhibit attracted more than 500 people on opening night and has had crowds in excess of 150 people on several other nights. / Star Bulletin

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