Thursday, August 02, 2007

Poetric moments on the field

Watching the San Francisco Giants play the (cough) LA Dodgers I was taken in by a couple of poetic moments on the field. No, nether of them had to do with Barry Bonds hitting #755. That quest continues. The unlikely source of this artistry on the field came from the new arrival Rajai Davis a young fielder from the Pirates organization with very limited major league experience. He came in a deal that sent pitcher Matt Morris to Pittsburgh and will give the Giants another player to be named later.

While somewhat disappointed about the trade, Young Davis came up with a fantastic fielding play in center and firing to 2B to cut down a Dodger hitter challenging the young fielder for a two bagger. In the 8th, he safely bunted on, had a stolen base, then went to third on a wild pitch and was latter driven home. Oh, did I mention he hit safely in I believe the 5th? The kid definitely has wheels. ###

(sigh) I know who the winneris in Rupert Murdoch's acqusition of the Wall Street Journal. Sadly, I think I know who the loser is as well. ###

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A special court that routinely has approved eavesdropping operations has put new restrictions on the ability of U.S. spy agencies to intercept e-mails and phone calls of suspected terrorists overseas, U.S. officials said Wednesday.The previously undisclosed ruling by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has prompted concern among senior intelligence officials and lawmakers that the efforts by U.S. spy agencies to track terrorism suspects could be impaired at a dangerous time. Gee - I suppose this is the consequences of not being able to trust them not to abuse of this power. ###

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