Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This time of the year always seems ripe for gratitude. Maybe it's the coming of Thanksgiving, but I suspect it is a deeper rooted internal thing that perhaps comes with the end of summer and seeing changes occur. A passage from the green of summer to the multiplicity of fall colors remind us that things can and do change. Could it be that the abundance of change around us reminds us that those things which we appreciate can be delicate in their very existence?

At any event, I felt an overwhelming desire to make note of a few things that I feel a true gratitude for. Some are small things, some are much more significant and as such the order of their mention here has nothing to do with the level of significance from one to another.

  • an occasional glass of Chardonnay
  • a good nights rest
  • the clasp of my wife's hand when walking together
  • the Fire Red Oaks in our back yard in fall
  • a bite of dark chocolate
  • a call or text message from the kids during the day
  • my wife's voice on the phone in the middle of a busy day
  • white - sweet bread
  • a book of poetry within reach
  • Clairton - D when needed
  • a taste of honey
  • the smell of Brazilian Nut Butter
  • NPR radio
  • every single day of the baseball season
  • a/c in the car
  • a fountain pen
  • paper to write on
  • a furry four legged friend
  • hair on my head

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