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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The Monday night event at Johnson County Library was well done. Thanks to both Johnson County Library and The Writers Place for their part in making it a success and allowing many local poets greater exposure in the community. The CD produced by their joint efforts includes works from the following poets:

  • Katie Manning
  • Marie Asner
  • Bob Fisher
  • Jo McDougal
  • Michael Wells
  • Tina Hacker
  • Maria Vasques Boyd
  • Martin Zehr
  • Carol Bettis
  • Chalise Bourque
  • Donald Caswell
  • Elizabeth Upperon
  • Timothy Pettit
  • Jan Duncon O'Neill
  • Peg Nichols
  • Chloe Wagner
  • Sylvia Kofler
  • Meril Crabtree
  • William Trpwbridge
  • Albert James Dow
  • Greg Germon
  • Gloria Martinez Adams
  • Tom Gray
  • Carol Hamilton
  • Margarita Vallazza
  • Mark Scheel
  • Jose Faas
  • Missi Rasmussen
  • Sally Jadlow
  • Maryfrancis Wagner
  • Mary Rogers-Grantham
  • Genie Wilson

At the Writers Place - 3607 Pennsylvania, K.C., MO - This Sunday, September 14th, 2008 6:00PM there will be another reading and CD release party. First 50 get a free CD!

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