Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Word for the Week is Change!

There is definitely a change in the air this weekend. Perhaps that's a good omen with Tuesday being election day. Yesterday morning I awoke to a dense fog that hung well above the ground.  It was reminiscent of some of those civil war pictures you see of battlefields.  Then, this morning I want out to make a diet coke run and the geese had returned to the ball field across the street. It's always exciting to see them back. It amazes me that they show up here every year.

Time for Unconscious Mutterings Week 301

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Word & Thought Associations

here's mine:

  • In love :: Glowing
  • Be my guest :: Go ahead make my day
  • Number one :: Numero Uno
  • Swallowed whole :: Gulped
  • 50 percent :: Gridlock
  • Made in :: Japan
  • Supplement :: Dietary
  • Right for :: Perfect
  • Endless :: Night
  • Ceramic :: Pottery
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