Sunday, February 08, 2009

Journal Bits

Listening to: Bruce Springsteen - Last to Die

Mood: dragging

Feb 2 - My computer monitor at work came on completely today at your. Yeah! [it takes so little to amuse me]

"a mixture of fashions brighten/the party crown that lingered/to graze on finger food and spontaneity"

Feb 3- I heard the most interesting story today on NPR about the Mendelssohn Project...

Feb 4 - It was after midnight when I turned in last night but thankfully the taxes have been done [a tax hangover followed]

"I went to that place in my head/with my pen, that place you occupy"

Feb 6 - Right this moment I feel especially small...

Feb 7- " always think there is time/to do the prime numbers/but hope is faded denim/and its value of questionable character"

Quote by Henry Miller - "I believe everything you tell me, but I know it will all turn out differently."

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