Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poem-A-Day Challenge - six poem left

Photo_030809_004 Counting the poem for today (which I'm still working on) there are 6 remaining  in the April challenge.

I must say that a very badly want to do a free write, without a prompt, without a pre-determined

topic and the pressures that have come with this challenge. Yes, April is the cruelest month!

On another note, I was reading the comments on a post by Kelli and checked out Ouroboros Review  that received a thumbs up by Maya. It has a very professional on line presence. I was truly impressed. I also noticed Deb Scott has a couple of poems in the most recent issue.

Two other reviews I like have releases up...Right Hand Pointing  - issue 25 and  Autumn Sky Poetry - issue 13

Meanwhile, back to the poem I was working on.

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