Thursday, April 02, 2009


Just about a half hour ago I completed my day two poem based upon a prompt of outsider.  And now that I'm done, I'm thinking about all the "outsiders" that are not getting anything out of national poetry month.

Of course, we poets and poetry enthusiasts may well be in the minority. I suppose who constitutes an outsider here is open to debate, but I really think that it has more to do with groups drawn by a common likeness. There is probably more likeness among those who cling to the love of poetry than those who don't.  Among those who don't there may be a wide range in the level of disinterest. For example those with little or no exposure to poetry may comprise a portion of the whole. Then those who were exposed to it and had a strong distaste for it. Then more casually disinterested people and so on.

It seems each year I ask myself what is the big deal that sends some people running from poetry?  I am again processing that question in my mind tonight. 

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