Thursday, April 23, 2009

What if..

082 I suppose one could argue that poetry has become a habitual aspect in my life. Without considering this in a negative connotation  that is often associated with the word habitual, I have up till now viewed this in the context of what I have considered a lifestyle. For several years, I have convinced myself that a poet (or any artist) would only enhance their level of creativity by developing a lifestyle that had a vigilant awareness to their surroundings that allowed them to constantly be open the the poetry in things.

What would follow or at least one would hope-  transforming theory to reality, is that by achieving this poetic point of view, it could only result in good things in connection with their work. If you hand not fully achieved a poetic lifestyle, to the extent you were striving to get there, again would be a positive thing, no?

Perhaps achieving such a state of mental awareness and focus has noting to do with improving the poet's work.  What if it is simply symptomatic of a neurosis?

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