Saturday, August 29, 2009

"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." Andy Warhol


Yes, even you can be immortalized in Warhol pop art!

Come Tuesday, this blog will turn 6 years old. There are times, even recent, in which I have considered putting this blog to rest. I know some bloggers will write for a while and finish a blog then take up another as though to start a new chapter in life.  I have considered what would perhaps be the advantages and disadvantages of this and I won’t bore you with the lists as I see them on both sides, but only say that in the end I have elected to carry on, not because there were more reasons for it than against it, or because there are better reasons to continue then not, but because for better or worse, that is not my style to quit.

Anyone who has blogged for any length of time has likely had posts that were perhaps not of any significant value to others, but none the less needed to be spoken by the blogger if only for their own benefit.  This is probably most especially true when the blogger is a writer in general. Not someone blogging because of an interest in a sport or hobby, but those who come to blogging as writers in general. Those who write because it is as fundamental to their survival as breathing.

I hope to go back over these past six years, and reflect on some of what I believe are a few of the more significant blog posts. I will do this throughout the next week. I hope that you find something of interest.


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