Sunday, August 09, 2009

Write with a little help from my friend…


If I can take a page from the the Beatles song book and modify it a bit, today was the kick-off of 6 weeks of poetry reading and writing focus for me.  As you can see, I wrote with a little help from my friend.

I'm reading from The Philosopher's Club by Kim Addonizio this week and while I've read Kim's poetry before as well as attended a reading by her, this book gives me a  different perspective on her voice. It's her very first book and notably a bit different in tone from  What is This Thing Called Love?, a newer title that I have of hers.

Evie pictured above, was not as intrusive into my space as it might appear. Actually for much of the time she perched herself on the arm of the couch next to me and I found the gentle purr and occasional nudging with her head against my arm to be comforting.


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