Monday, April 05, 2010

Opening Day Crazy

[prompt is a TMI poem. Too Much Information]

So much to do,
to remember,
the winter months
away from the game
numb the mind--

The peanut bag, in shells of course,
ball cap; more then ascetics, got to
protect the face from sun--
score pad… and number two pencil.
Two in fact, check for sharpness
those tiny boxes require thin points
to surgically deliver the precision markings
that can be read when referenced
come September.

Cash, $10 for parking, $5 for program,
three draft bears $21 round up to $25 for tips,
hit dogs $7 for two- that's $47 - from the ATM
make it $50.

Game starts at 3:05,
it's 1:30-- a stop at the bank
and parking… should have left
10 minutes ago.

Oh… the tickets!
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