Thursday, April 01, 2010

Shades of Blue

The prompt for day one is to write a lonely poem. The narrator could be lonely. Someone or something in the poem could be lonely. Or the poem itself could try to evoke a feeling of loneliness for the reader

Will anyone care to read me…
I mean really hear
what I’m saying?
Place their ear to the page
and listen for the sighs
or the tone in my voice
with its highs and lows.

Will they think
I’m just another
silly poem—
or figure
I’m too complicated;
too much like their last

the one no one gets.
The one coded
with meaning
they never understood
and would not wish
upon another—
like I would want you
to feel my pain.

Like you could
know the quiet
that squeezes me
till I’m suffocating
and my biggest fear
is no one is there
to see—

and anyone
that would will not
until the Powder
turn Periwinkle
turn Maya
turn Iris
then Indigo.
Until it is just
too late.
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