Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Confession Tuesday

It looks really nice outside and given the amount of rain we’ve had recently that’s a good sign. I should head off to the confessional with lots of uplifting tings on my mind but I fear this is not so. Given my mood today, you might want to tiptoe softly to join me in the confessional.

Dear reader, yes it’s Tuesday again and so what! That’s kind of how I’m feeling today. I’m waiting to hear from my doctor’s office, and waiting, and waiting, and if you can’t tell I’m really not a very patient confessor today.
 I called my doctor’s office on Friday and left a message about some blood work needed following a test that they scheduled. They knew full well that I would have to go off a medication that is rather important and that I would need a drug screen before I could start it up again. I needed to be off the medication for 48 hours after the test and then resume after a new blood screen cleared me to start again. I’m still waiting for the ok some 130+ hours later.
 I confess that I also have a colossal headache right now. I’m tired and grumpy as well. Did I mention I’m not in a very good mood?

For some reason I’ve been pretty emotional this week. I confess that I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic about a few things this past week. Nostalgic for music, especially the 1960’s and 1980’s tunes. Don’t ask me why those two decades and not the seventies too.

I confess this nostalgia carries over to other things as well. Like when the kids were younger. For that matter, when we all were younger as well.
I talked to my wife earlier and she said they her office was having lunch from Spin Pizza (including Gelato) and I confess to being hungry and jealous at the same time.
 Lastly, I confess that my lunch hour is about over so I am through with my confession.
 Till next week~

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