Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Confession Tuesday - White Fudge Almond Divinity Edition

Oh Dear…Another Tuesday has arrived and time to head to the Confessional… so let’s get started.

Dear Reader I believe there must be another commandment that was somehow lost from the original stone tablets. The 11th commandment I'm pretty sure must have instructed us not to covet all of the Wells’ Blue Bunny White Fudge Almond Divinity Ice Cream. I must confess that I am very guilty of this 11th commandment. I not only covet all of it that comes into our household, but I want all of it that is produced. I want it… I want it… I WANT IT! I will confess this is a seriously sinful gluttonous want. (Unless this was not already obvious).

While we are talking about excesses… this month I managed to win six poetry books from the Poetry Month Book Give-a-way. I confess I feel a little guilty about this, like I should not have been so lucky… but they are poetry books. I mean can anyone get too many poetry books? Really?

This must be the week of excesses. Thanks for listening… may all your excesses this week be good ones.

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