Monday, May 31, 2010

Journal Bits

yellow flower


I’d like to say that this has been a relaxing and enjoyable three day weekend, but it hasn't.  I will spare the details but it has been very depressing and difficult to function for very long with succumbing to the sadness.

I am however going to do a few journal bits form the past, since I’ve neglected to do this for a while.

    • MAY 26 – If my mind were a box, what would the corners be like? What would be in the corners? I think my mind might be a bit like my desk at work. I see the corners as a place things might gravitate to. Important things that are looking for a place to be found
    • MAY 28 – How do you go about claiming a gut level feeling or experience that is clumsy in translation?  
    • MAY 30 - “… it has been hard to write-“
    • MAY 30 - frailty of trust's small black eyes / cut to the heart of the matter
    • MAY 30 – J. D. McClatchy  from The Poets Notebook Pg 155   “On the overemphasis of clarity in writing: A. J. Liebling  said the only way to make clear pea soup is to leave out the peas.”


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