Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have so not blogged much in the past couple of weeks and I'm going to catch up today, so look out!

For starters, I want to thank Suzanne Frischkorn for adding a new and amusing word to my vocabulary. Suzanne linked today to a blog post at Tough Love From Tayari and Tayari linked Urban Dictionary and the word is penvy.  Definition number one is my favorite...   the wave of nausea that hits you when you read about forthcoming books by people you went to college or even once slept with that came out to great acclaim while you haven’t written anything in….ever. Coined in a contest at The Old Hag and picked up with days by the online writing community.

While perusing the trades for new releases to stock her bookstore, Janine was overcome with penvy at the sight of her ex-boyfriend's picture next to what would probably be his second bestseller.
I noticed that Beth Ann Fennelly (extraordinary poet) will be one of several  instructors at the Sixth Annual Clarksville Writers’ Conference ...  July 28 – 31, 2010  Her presentation is titled “4 Ways Writers Can Use Sound to Make Meaning."  That sounds so fascinating.  I wish I knew someone going and taking notes, or better still, going myself.

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