Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Confession Tuesday - Electronic edition

Sometimes it's not easy pulling together a confession a week. Not because I don't have anything to confess but because the things I have to confess these days are not the stuff tabloids are made of.  So if you care to, come along with me to the confessional.

Dear Reader-

I confess that after about a month, I love my Blackberry Tour. It was hard moving from a palm platform because I liked the platform. I also liked having a touch screen and I confess that up until about 10 days ago I would still try touching my screen which makes me feel a little goofy but I think I'm finally over that.

I like that it loads the Internet with greater speed than my previous phone. I like the assortment of applications available to me. Sprint Navigation is awesome! 

I confess there are some aspects of electronic things today that I am becoming more ambivalent about. I have been able to weed out a lot of my email with my phone before I ever get home to my laptop and I like that. But last Sunday I had a work related email that came in and I wanted to respond to it and at the same time I didn't. As a result I decided I'm not sure that I like getting my office email available to me 24/7.

I confess that in our family, I'm the text messaging weakling.  Each of my family member probably way out text me.  Two I know for a fact because I see their message counts on the bill. I don't even come close.

There have been multiple days that I have come home an not turned on my laptop during the past two months. That would have been unheard of not long ago.  I think three days in a row is my longest abstinence.

I confess that my blogging posts are down.  I also confess that I am less enamored by Facebook these days. It is mostly the privacy thing. I think their policy changes have been disingenuous and this really irks me. But there are other things as well. Still, I do appreciate the contact if even limited from many other artists and poets. So I'm not quite ready to pull the plug yet.

I think it is the Capricorn in me that likes electronic trinkets and phone applications. But I am somewhat restrained compared to some people I know.  As for my Blackberry, I can justify it by the functionality of its many features. The calender, camera, task lists besides phone itself are just a few of those things that provide value to me.

As we become more electronically conditioned as a society, I'm trying to pick and choose for what it's worth.

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