Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Confession Tuesday



Whew… I nearly forgot Confession Tuesday! Off to the confessional…

Dear Reader-

I confess that I’m pretty happy with myself today.  I anticipated a rough work day and I did have a lot to do- but I did not let it kick my but! 

It’s easy in my work to look at days that did not quite go as I planned and get down on myself. I’m all for self evaluation but seriously it’s hard on even the best planned days to stay on cue because so much of what I do is crisis driven and out of my control. So when I have a day like today I may be tired when it’s over but still it’s nice to feel good about the outcome.


Klaus is making such progress in his recovery and while his legs were for the most part paralyzed between three and four weeks ago, he is now able to rise and stand on his own for three or four minutes at a time. He is trying to walk but it starts out as more of a crawl. and as he gets himself up in his excitement and momentum he will topple over at times. I confess that I am excited to see him trying so hard and having some success, but it breaks my heart when he stumbles. I know he has to do this if he is going to walk anything close to how he did before his injuries but I confess it is sometimes hard to watch. He works so hard. By the end of the day his little body is really taxed.It all reminds me of when the kids were small. As a parent you hate to see them tumble and get hurt, but you know you have to let them learn and that involves falling down too.



I confess this past week has pretty much been a bust as far as writing.  Not getting near enough done. I further confess that the past month I have blown off submissions. I’m not happy about either of these things. I confess that I am well aware that the process of writing and achieving publication is work and requires a discipline and I can honestly say I’ve not exhibited much of this in writing the past week.


I confess that dinner was pretty good tonight in spite of the fact that I was working from pretty much bare cabinets.

It’s 10:30 and If I hurry up I can still carve out a half hour or so to write tonight!


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