Sunday, May 29, 2011

Journal Bits May 8th to May 29th

An overdue sampling from my journal:

  • May 7: "The summer sun ray/shifts through a suspicious tree,/though I walk through the valley of the shadow/it sucks the air /and looks around for me" from Noon Walk on the Asylum Lawn - Anne Sexton
  • May 15: The evening feels like it is sagging under some melancholy weight. I think about pictures of our past. Pictures in the dining room on Baltimore of Cath and the kids making chocolate candies in the molds.
  • May 15: I want sidewalks of ribboned parchment where people stop to take note of thoughts. - I want a big dark riped Black Diamond watermelon for a buck ninety-eight.
  • May 17: I confess I'd like to do a writing residency but I don't see that happening anytime soon. ...I would surely be a basket case being away from home.
  • May 17: His sigh became mine/in this we found common ground/mine was round and hollow/ringing true to the exasperation...
  • May 21: Listing a few words that I'd like to incorporate into writing soon- pollen / flicks / abrasive /preens / condense / peril / khaki /muzzle
  • May 22: there was a browning/of mountains that/marched downward...
  • May 25: There isn't time to percolate/there's calamity in the cosmos/we should walk it off/crying is for sissies
  • May 29: We followed the almanac/in the night sky   except/for the ten days we could see/nothing but overcast smokers//breath...
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