Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's In the Mail This Week

I love it when I get mail that relates in some way to poetry. It always beats the electric bill or any other for that matter.

In the mail this week I received my Jan-Feb issue of Poets and Writers magazine. Yeah!!!  I also received a Holiday / New Years post card of sorts from a poet friend.

No rejection letters this week but then no acceptances either.

I've already alluded in an earlier post to the fact that the latest issue of Poets & Writers is awesome. If you don't subscribe to it, pick it up off the shelf. Barnes & Noble.


Steven Page said...

Yes. Real mail. Nothing better.

Michael A. Wells said...

Stephen it's pretty rare anymore to get a "truly personal note" in the mail. And if you don't count holiday and birthday cards, well it's rarer then gold.