Sunday, January 19, 2014

Friday Night at The Center for Preforming Arts - G Man

Friday night  Cathy and I attended Kenny G's performance at at the Center for Preforming Arts in Kansas City and I have to say this is a magnificent venue. I'be long been a fan of Kenny G's music and first saw him here in Kansas City at the Municipal Auditorium back in the late 1990's. Excellent performance then as well but no comparison in the acoustics in the two places. 

The Arts Center is elegant from inside to out. Very contemporary architectural design - actually I go further and say it is avant-guard.  Nearly all of Kenny's music was played on a soprano sax with a little deviation for some bass sax.

Besides the music, Kenny  was entertaining in the side show of banter with our symphony conductor. By the saw, the symphony plus the four music ensemble that travels with Kenny were so well synchronized, no small feat for playing with a solo performer who provides the platform the orchestra must build around.  

Regardless what your musical tastes - if you can see it and hear it the the Center for the Preforming Arts - it will only enhance the experience.  We were in Helzberg Hall
one of two separate venues within the center. 

I have to give kudos as well to conductor Aram Demirjian.

Overall an excellent evening  and on a side note I got to
share this experience with my wife, Cathy. Last time I 
was unaccompanied.   
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